About and History

This is blog set up by David & Megs Wayne to keep all our friends and relatives up to date on David’s treatment. Please bear with us, this is our first blog and we are learning as we go.

Why a Blog

When the recurrence was detected and I was hospitalised for the biopsy, word seemed to spread fast and Megs and our families felt a lot of pressure to update friends and family.

This we feel is a great place where we can centrally post information for our fiends and family, and also for any one in the future who will have to undergo them same treatment as me.

A little history

Diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (HL) on 16 August 2013, this is not the our first brush with the disease as Sean (Megs’ brother was also diagnosed and has been successfully clear for 5 years now.

Underwent ABVD chemotherapy for 6 months (12 cycles) followed by mediastinal (chest) radiotherapy in March-April 2014.

In May-June 2014 a lump above my right clavical, had me facing my first recurrence which was treated with radiotherapy in July 2014.

Was declared clear in August 2014, following a clear CT scan.

Since my last treatment in July 2014 I have been having 3 monthly CT scans which have all been very positive and on 6 May 2015 I went for what was to be an annual PET scan “check up”. Here it was discovered that there were cancerous tumors in my lungs, mediastinal cavity and abdomen, and so began this journey.

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