Friday the 13th……

So we had a plan, 6 months post transplant I would have a PET scan to detect if there was any sign reoccurance, Doc made me suffer for an extra month so made my PET scan appointment for 16th May, I then tried to make my appointment with leon to get the results for the following day, but shocker Leon would be away on conference for a week so I would have to wait the whole week for the results…… EEEK I couldn’t do that…. So the only option available was to bring the PET scan forward to the 12th and see Leon the next morning FRIDAY THE 13th………………………….

Anyway the day comes and I have the scan without indident, however as I’m seeing Leon early the next morning I would have to pick up the results myself and take them with me to my appointment. Do you know how hard it was not to look at the results??

Got to Leon’s rooms, the most nervous I’ve ever been in my life. He looks at the envelop and amazed I haven’t opened it yet. We sit and he takes out the scans and report, reads the report, looks at the images, back to report and this goes on for what seems like for ever.

Finally he puts the papers down and gave me the good news, the scans were clear. MASSIVE RELIEF.

So as they say, Life goes on. Hopefully we can put this all behind us, it will be hard, I know I regualarly run my hands over lymphnodes to check, I get an itch and my mind goes racing, but I can only hope that as time goes on the memories of this episode will fade. Someday soon I will have to face having the port out, but now I actually feel comforted that it is there, a bit of safety blanket, but maybe we will plan a 1 year celebration and mark it by removing the port.