Quick Check In

A few people have been asking me for news, the problem is I don’t have much. I’m still at the flat in Bryanston with my folks looking after me. Being a month since my transplant I am allowed to venture out a little bit. I have also moved to the next diet, there is not much change except we can start to eat out, but do need to be very cautious on where and what I eat.

As far as side effects, mostly all have gone, and those that remain are definitely manageable. The more activities we do the more I’m noticing how unfit/weak I am, it’s going to be a long road to get back to any form of fitness.

I’m really looking forward to Wednesday and hoping that the doc will agree to let me return home.


  1. Darren says:

    Keep strong bro. At least now I will be able beat you up those hills on mtb. Fingers crossed for Wednesday

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