Discharged Again

If you read Megan’s last post you know that I was admitted on Sunday 1 November back into ward 20, based purely on what the doc saw, we didn’t even have blood tests. Sunday night wasn’t a great one for me and I think I had Megan’s stomach bug. But I was in the right place at the right time,  a few different IV’s were hung and by morning I was feeling much better. With my blood results normal the  the doc started me on a 5 day course of IV antibiotics, this meant I had to spend another 5 days in ward 20.

So 5 days back in the isolation ward and feeling fine, I can say my worst enemy was boredom and hospital food. I think my mindset had definitely altered since my last stay. Otherwise there is nothing interesting to report

Anyway I was discharged on Friday, my folks returned from Zambia on Saturday. With my next doctor’s appointment only next Wednesday, 18 November we knew I’m definitely staying in Jhb until then. So we made a decision for Megs to return to Durban whilst I’ll stay at the flat with my folks.

So now it’s a waiting game until the next doctor’s appointment, where hopefully I will get the clearance to return to Durban.

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