Rough few days…

So the last few days have been a mix of highs and lows, fun and disaster, and good and bad….

Sean & Lu flew the kids up to Jhb to spend the weekend with David and I.  We did this for 2 main reasons :

1.  David & the kids hadn’t seen each other for almost a month

2. The kids have been desperate to fly in an aeroplane ( Adam has never flown and Rach was about 2 the last time she flew)

So this was going to be great weekend all round……or so we thought.

It all started off well – David was feeling good- he tired easily and needs to keep his sugar levels up, but was up for the challenge of being with the kids. We started off the weekend with a planned trip to the Jhb zoo ( we cleared this with the docs). The kids had a blast – their highlight being the monkey that wee’d though the cage right in front of us!  David took strain and was very tired and shaky by the end of the morning.  We chilled for the afternoon and had a braai that evening with my cousin and her family that night

On Saturday, we decided to go the Lion & Rhino park, about 45mins outside of Jhb, we figured this would be good as most of the time we’d be in the car, so for David it wouldn’t be so tiring. Sean had a massive migraine, so he stayed behind.  We had a wonderful morning petting 3 month old white lion cubs, watching the wild dogs, cheetah & lions being fed.  Seeing some gorgeous cats up close – jaguar, Black leopard , Anabel the cheetah etc…..  After a long morning,  we were all tired and ready to just relax…which we did….until around 6 pm David started feeling unwell,and his temperature spiked a bit.  After calling the on call doc, we decided to wait out the night and we’d go though to Pretoria for blood tests just to make sure that nothing sinister was going on.  Great – we all climbed into bed for an early night to get a good night sleep … Or so we thought.

Cuddletime with the White Lion Cubs
Playtime with the White Lion Cubs

I woke up middle of the night and started vomiting – I had come down with either gastro bug or food poisoning ( I was the only one who had eaten some chicken meatballs from woolies that day).  About and hour later Rach came through with a massive bleeding nose – I was man down, so David had to sort her out and landed up sleeping on the couch for or the rest of the night – while I continued hugging / sitting on the toilet.

David, Kids at Madiba Statue in front of Union Buildings, before being admitted.
David & Kids under Madiba  in front of Union Buildings.

Sunday morning- I wasn’t fairing much better, David still wasn’t feeling hundreds, so we decided that David, with Sean, Lu and kids in tow would go to Pretoria for the blood tests.  After a little detour past the Union buildings ( which the kids really enjoyed!), they went to the hospital – the doc took one look at David and admitted him, without even waiting for the blood tests – Eish.  So we now had David admitted, me man down with a dodgy tummy, Rach in tears coz she was supposed to be spending the day with her Dad, and Sean & Lu stuck with the kids!

Well all I can say is I LOVE MY FAMILY!!

Sean sorted out David with a few bits and bobs together him comfortable back in the isolation ward, Lu took the kids on a Gautrain ride from Pretoria to Sandton to keep them occupied.

In the meantime, I got David’s and the kids bags packed.  They all came back to the flat in Byanston – they had decided that Lulu would fly back home with the kids , Sean would go back out to Pretoria to take David his bag with clothes & toiletries, and stay longer in Jhb and my cousin Tanya would take Lu & kids to the airport ….during this I was still man down.

After an interesting flight home – Adam needing to wee before the plane even started to taxi, Rach having a small meltdown cos she wanted to stay in Jhb. Lulu has passed her parenting training with flying colours and got both kids home safe & sound to my folks for the night. Sean got back to Jhb from the hospital around 8ish, and David was hooked up to antibiotics, antipyretics and a Buscopan drip as he started with stomach cramps!

Wow – what a day!

Today (Monday) I feel alive again – thank goodness- Sean has taken a few more things that I forgot to pack out to David, and will fly home tomorrow.  David’s blood counts have dropped a little from when he was discharged last Monday, and the docs suspect there is some underlying infection, which if they can’t identify to treat specifically means that he has to follow standard protocol and stay in ward 20 for 5 days on a broadspectrum antibiotic.

I, in the meantime have recovered,  a few kgs lighter, so can see him tomorrow a afternoon.


  1. Marise Wayne says:

    It must have been such a disappointment for David, Megan and the whole family. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I have said from the start that my admiration knows no bounds at the support the whole family give each other. Lots of love Marise

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