Freedom… Part2

Yesterday was a very emotional day for me, and as you all know I’m not an emotional guy, even my dad commented “David you don’t put much emotion into what you write” Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black?

When I was discharged Megs asked me how I felt, I answered hot, we had both forgotten that I’d been in the state of the art temperature controlled environment for 3 weeks, I did not know what it was to be hot or cold any more. What was quite ironic is that Jhb/Pretoria had been going through a heat wave, and I hadn’t felt a thing. It hit me then, I was out the bubble, I was in danger.

If you didn’t know I still have a weakened immune system and am therefore susceptible to develop an infection which without a proper immune system can get me into deep trouble.

I want to equate what I’ve been through to rock climbing, everyone tells you it’s safe,  but in the back of your mind you know it’s dangerous. You try it out and you survive, second time you do better, 3 and 4th go just as well you get get confident and dare I say cocky. But now they take away your safety rope and belayer, do you feel so cocky?

In hospital you are always under scrutiny, 4am blood tests, 2 hourly vital checks, daily visits from doctor, dietitian and physiotherapist. I think you definitely had a feeling that someone had your back and would catch you before you knew you were falling, you had a safety rope. While I was there I hated the checks, especially when done at night. Out here I appreciate that someone always had my back.

Before my transplant we went through series of meetings with the doctors and nurses, you were told what to expect, you were given the worst case scenario, as it was meant to scare you. It worked….

I’m not allowed certain foods that may contain bacteria (much like a pregnant women), I’m not allowed to eat take out or restaurant food due to bacteria that could be in the kitchens. I need to avoid being around too many people susceptible to catching any virus or bacteria that they have.

My only defence is to obey these rules, trust only myself and Megs, use lots of antibacterial products, take vitamins and prophylactic antibiotics. As a safety rope I have to stay within 1hr30 of the hospital, take and record my temperature 3 times a day, my weight twice a day and if we find anything out of the ordinary report to the practice.

I don’t know yet what the next step is, we waiting till my next doc appointment on wednesday 4th November.

But as I can’t go home this weekend we have arranged for Sean and Lu to bring the kids to us. They are super excited as they going to fly in a plane and we are going to try and find activities which I’m allowed to do with them (any ideas welcome).


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