Freedom…. Part 1

Why Part 1??
I’m feeling very emotional today and there is  much I want to say, but it is late and what I want to say will need careful consideration to make sure the right words make it from brain, through my fingers to the keyboard.

Straight to the point I’m not writing this post  from Room9, Ward 20 of Pretoria East hospital.

Yesterday I wrote that I had achieved the requirements in terms of  Blood results to be discharged. I also stated that I doubted that would be discharged that day, but I was given hope by the doctors doing the rounds that it would be soon.

Today as usual I intercepted by blood results coming from the lab and found to my shock that my Neutrophils had jumped from 0.71 to 2.22 in one day, this is an oustanding feat, but I can’t take all the credit for it – I had been having daily injections of a drug called Neuprogen (If you can remember I have been having this drug since I started my first round of chemo in September 2013, it was this drug that I believe cured me of my fear if needles, especially after having to learn to inject myself, something I quite happily do now, or get Rachel to assist).

Anyway with these blood results there was no way they were not going discharge me.

Normally I’m one of Liezel’s (Dr Zeeman) last patients on her rounds, I always joke with her that it is beacuse I’m boring, which medically I was, compared to the other patients. Anyway today I knew the doctors had a meeting and would be late for rounds, so I expected to only see Liezel much later in the day. I refused to pack, even nurses were telling me your’re going to be sent home, but I thought I would see Liezel too late to be discharged today. But I was surprised and I was her first patient, the only thing she said to me was “do you want to go home today”, she must have intercepted the results before I intercepted the results. Of course I jumped at the chance. There was a catch “Home” didn’t mean 10 Windsor Avenue, Westville, but meant out of the hospital and within 1:30 hours of the Hospital, in case there is an event that means I have to be rushed back. Please pray and cross everything that you have that there is no such event.

So that was end of one chapter of this journey and so starts the next. Like I said earlier I have lot more to say and I’ll put that down in my next post.

Looking back at ward 20
Looking back at ward 20

Just a little information to everyone on ward 20:

  • The center doors are never opened expect to receive new patients, exit discharged ones, or to receive supplies, no one else may enter through these doors.
  • There is a big red line painted across the floor (under the door), this line separates the sterile and non sterile areas. It also dictates the change of protocols to ensure that the sterile area remains sterile.
  • Ward 20 has it’s own specialised airconditioning separating it’s air from that of the rest of the hospital.
  • The doors on the left and right of the main door are where visitors and staff are required to enter. From What I’ve heard visitors/staff must remove all jewellery, scrub hands like a surgeon and don the infamous Liliac gowns. I personally have not gone through these doors, only been through the main doors, once in and once out. and I plan to keep it that way.

For your information Megs and I are staying in James and Lorraine Mclean’s flat/apartment in Hobart Road in Bryanston.  Their gesture of giving us the use of the flat will deserve a blog post in itself, so watch this space.

Hobart Road Apartment, Google Maps
Hobart Road Apartment, Google Maps






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