Major Air Punch…

Doctors always told me my bloods will start to increase on day 9 or 10 post the transplant True to form they started to increase on day9.

Day 10 also saw a sizable jump and today, day 11, when I picked up my results I was expected good news. One of the very few things I can remember from boiology is that cells divide ie 1 becomes 2, 2 becomes 4 etc, thus  I was expecting my counts to double. Thus my theory was that my white whites would go from 0.20 on the 24th October to approximately 0.40, and neutprohils would double from 0.13 to approximately 0.25. and my theory therefore would mean that I would make my targets on Monday 26th October.

To my surprise why white cells, quadrupled to a value of 0.84 and my Neutrophils have increase 5 times to 0.71. This with a platelet level above 20 (33), means that I have met all the doctors requirements to be discarded.

Full Blood Count History

White Cell Count


This does not mean I will definitely be discharged but I have a good case to argue. This also being a Sunday, Liezel, my normal ward doctor is not on call and Andrew (Dr McDonald) is doing her rounds so I doubt he will discharge me, but he would rather wait till Monday to allow Liezel to discharge me.

I have already been told that I will not be allowed to return to Durban immediately. I will need to stay in Jhb or Pretoria for close monitoring, that time period is unknown.


  1. Marise Wayne says:

    Missed you today David. Stay strong. He is with you in the storm

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