Rock Bottom

Received my blood counts today and I have hit rock bottom, White blood counts are are 0.03 and Neutrophils are at 0.00. Which means I literally have no immune system. For me I take this as good news as it means things can only get better. Don’t forget we are targeting the 0.5 Neutrophils count before the docs will even consider releasing me.

Platlets are also low and so far the docs have given me 2 platelets transfusions. First one went fine but for some reason i came out with a rash after last night’s. They once again gave me Finnegan (same drug which knocked me out during my bone marrow transfusion).

The only side affects remaining from the chemo is the Mucusitis that I’m experiencing, sores in mouth and throat and diarrhea. The docs have done all that they can do for me (besides increasing pain meds, which is not necessary at the moment), but to cure the Mucusutis you need your immune system to fight it off, oops don’t seem to have one of those at the moment. So I will have to live with it now. My worst problem has been the pain when eating, thankfully they are given me pain meds 30 minutes prior to eating which has been helping.

My energy levels during the day have been fantastic, I’m feeling so good that I’m able to challenge myself during my mid morning laps, either chasing a new lap record 1:10 or stretching the the time walked, currently I’m up to 35 min. Unfortunately the same can’t be said for my energy at night from 5pm I’m feeling exhausted and it takes lots if will power to even last till medication rounds at 8pm.

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