Day 6 – post transplant

sorry for the silence the last few days….since we have received some beratings from family and friends So we thought we had better put some news up for everyone!

We were pre- warned about 2 major side effects – mucousitus ( ulcers in the mouth & throat) and diahorrea.  David, always thinking that he is invincible, thought he had dodged these, but unfortunately these have snuck up on him over the last few days, so he has not been feeling in top form.

The past few days have followed the same basic routine, toilet, vitals check, ,toilet,antibiotics, blood test, vital checks, toilet, vital check, toilet etc….. David has lost about 5 kgs in 4 days due to the numerous visits to the toilet…….bring on the 2 ply, soft wipes and bum cream. 

The most recent development has been the start of Neupogen injections – this is a drug that stimulates the bone marrow to produce white blood cells.  This is a miracle drug that works like a bomb, but does give David bone pain.  He has had this drug through all the previous rounds of chemo so is used to it – the bonus is that time he has a professional nurse jabbing him instead of me!

The past few days have seen a crash in David blood results – basically they have been monitoring white blood cells, neutrophils (fighter cells), haemoglobin levels and platelet levels – it was expected that these would crash after chemo and it would take a while for the transplant stem cells to regenerate.  A key reading being watched is the CRP – c reactive protein levels which are an indicator of inflammation in the body – this is been climbing – which suggests infection of some sort, hence the antibiotics.  The most probable cause is mucousitus – the mouth & throat ulcers, which have given him a sore throat. However today these readings have stabilised – awesome news! The painkillers they’ve been giving him have been a huge help too, so he can eat.  The dietitian has also prescribed some supplements to help keep his weight up.

But the doc still wants to give David a platelet transfusion, as they expect these levels to drop further and would rather boost him now before it gets really bad.

That’s the medical stuff in summary.  In other news, David’s boredom levels are also climbing … He is gaining quite a collection of puzzles, and he is savouring the Lego bat mobile so he doesn’t finish it too quickly.  I have just bought him an Aston Martin DBR9 model to build – which is driving him insane as the painting is so fiddly.  But at least he is occupied!


 Here is a pic of David getting a platelet transfusion


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