My brother my superhero

I am up with David for this weekend while Megs take a well deserved break with the kids.

Dave talked of the bubble…well I was not really prepared for how isolated he is. Basically he is spending most of his day totally alone with just the odd person popping in to do medical stuff. If possible they just talk to him through the door so as not to have to wash,scrub and grown up and redo to see the next patient. When his visitors arrive in the afternoon you can see the relief on his face as there is someone to talk to and help relieve the boredom.

He is spending his days  working, watching the 1 TV station he can actually see, surfing Pinterest and the web for house items and what  projects he can do at home while recuperating. Megs gave him the bat mobile what he is savouring and doing little bit at a time to make it last. I tried to get him to join in on my painting but he said it was too girly but he did try coloring in but was too stressful to try to get the colours right.

On a personal note Dave is my superhero. Through out this whole process he has remained calm, patient, hardly moans and just accepts what come. He has been super strong mentally and physically. He has not lost his sense of humor. Making joke of what he can like Trolly Dolly, battle axe Bonnie( his current night nurse), uncle Festor eyes. I think I would have packed up my bags and left by now if I was confirmed to the bat cave (his Neighbour did and is now back with infections). He has been super blessed to be ” sailing” through these treatment with hardly any side effects( touch wood I don’t jinks it) and all with a smile on his face

Sometimes Dave thinks he is actually Batman and is invincible but the nurses are very quick to bring him back to reality and put him to bed or confine him to his room as they know what is actually happening in his body even though he may not be feeling it at the time.

I am super proud of you Dave. You are on the home stretch. Keep up the positivity, strength and your smile. I am in awe of you and you are my superhero

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