We have a target..

So I’ve pushed Liezel, my ward doc for some answers.

I know that I’m required to be in isolation, for what we’ve been told is an average of 2-3 weeks post re-infusion. But I wanted a target and something that I could track how close or far from it I was.

Anyway the magic number is 0.5 and it’s the Neutrophils count (ie my fighter cells ). I was warned that that is not the only consideration, platelets have to be above 20, I have to have a good haemaglobin level and be healthy (not on antibiotics etc.).

Everyday 4am they draw blood and later in the morning the results are delivered back to my rooms for the doctors to consult on their rounds. I will be intercepting these results daily.

Blood Results - Day 1 - 15 Oct 2015
Blood Results – Day 1 – 15 Oct 2015

Looking at yesterday’s results and it appears that I’m way above target and should be going home, but unfortunately this is prior to or during the drop, and the counts are still to hit zero. Only on Day 9 or 10 should we see the counts improving.

Blood results - Day 2 - 16 Oct 2015
Blood results – Day 2 – 16 Oct 2015

Today’s results are just in, and you can clearly see the drop.

Watch this space as I’m definitely going to have to be graphing these counts and I’ll find a way to share with you.

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