It’s all Green

Krytomite for Batman has a name and it’s Cyclophosphamide .

Quick calculation I have been through a total  39 Days of chemo since 2013 (that is administrative days, not effect days) and I have always said that I have been very very lucky with my chemo and have not suffered terribly from  what you would call the “expected” side affects. I’ve always told people its like having a hangover, but one that gets repeated. Put that down to modern pre-meds, fitness or whatever. All I can say I was lucky….

On Tuesday I started my final 7 days and on Sunday my final drug started (2 doses over 2 days), this one was nasty…. But it’s over, enough said….

The other good news is that the doc gave me the all clear for the re-infusion tomorrow. (Insert Big thumbs up here).

Lydia, my very caring nurse

Here is a picture of Lydia, who was my nurse for 4 days. (You are assigned a nurse, between one or two of the inmates, no one else will take care of you, unless there’s an emergency, to keep the infection control down).  I’m going to miss Lydia, everyday I would ask her how my bloods were and she would very chuffed tell me that the infection marker hasn’t moved, this meant she was doing her Job for me. Her concern over me, when I was feeling otherwise was extremely touching.


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