Last day of chemo

Megs posting again ……I’m back in PTA.  I went home for the weekend to see the kids, while Lance took over David-sitting duty.  The kids seem to be coping well without us around – the excitement of grandparents, aunts & uncles looking after them is distracting them! But it was good to see their little faces after week away.

After a crazy cross over at the airport, Lance & I swapped cars, parking tickets, keys and instructions, and I headed through to Pretoria to see the patient.

It’s the last day of chemo today….and unfortunately has been the worst day so far for David.  He’s felt really nauseous and “off” today and hasn’t kept much down, although this afternoon he seems to have perked up a little bit.
The doctors are still very happy with his general state though, with his blood counts all looking really good☺️

Tomorrow will be a rest day, and then the stem cell transplant will happen on Wednesday.

Thank to everyone for all the well wishes and messages of support – our apologies if we don’t always respond to you, but we really do appreciate all the love and prayers that are being sent our way.

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