Facebook Post from Lauren

A great uplifting Facebook post that I received from Lauren,  on a day a really needed a pick up.

BTW Lauren’s mom Blyth and I started our first chemos together in September 2013, blithe is currently all clear.

“Hey Dave just checking in to say greetings in the isolation ward! Hope your spirits are as high as your blogs show. I’ve just read a catchup (I must admit I was a bit behind) and I’m sure it’s a whole lot harder than your and Meg’s upbeat posts describe. I must say having watched my mom go through the chemo it’s a whole lot harder than anyone can ever imagine and she certainly didn’t have to go through all the stuff you are facing now. Wow who would’ve thought you would elevate yourself to hero status in my books – no mean feat my friend 😋!  You are all putting on an incredibly brave face (well certainly on the Internet at least). I kinda feel there should be something I can do to cheer you up or help Megs but my brain fails me (happening more and more nowadays!). If you can think of something, anything, please let me know. In the meantime keep up the high spirits and keep writing on your blog – we’re all rooting for you and as gory as the details are, it’s nice to keep up with your progress. You’re a remarkably brave guy Dave with a remarkable wife and family. Hard to count your blessings I’m sure but you have quite a few right there. Lots of love.”

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