Pretoria (pronounced Pre-Toria)

Back up north today -a whopping 38 degrees. 3 degrees warmer than Jozi due to our Capital being closer to the sun…..or something like that. Best place to be besides a swimming pool is in The Bubble.

David has implemented a Toll system if you wish to grace him with your presence in The Bubble :

imageEverytime you exit the ward you need to derobe and then go through the entire process  again  when re-entering. Its similar to a pit stop in a grand prix – new tires, petrol, nose cone…..I clocked myself in at 1 min 35secs today.

Speaking of times, David’s Tortoise walk around the corridors of Ward 20 took 2 mins today.

Front row seats for the rugby today – not pleasant being a Sharks supporter in the heart of Blue Bull country! Looking forward to Aus v Wales later…

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