A visitors tale….

Hi everyone

Megs returned to Durbs today and I took her place in the “Fortress of Solitude”. All visitors need to wear beautiful purple gowns over your clothes and don a blue skull cap and booties over your shoes. Today they added face masks to the ensemble. Little chance of picking anyone up anyone up wearing all of this gear – unless they mistake you for a Doctor 🙂

Definitely not next years fashion trend setters!

Before you enter the ward itself, never mind the bubble, you need to thoroughly scrub your hands (not allowed any jewellery , watches etc) – it’s like a scene from Grey’s Anatomy before they go into surgery :).

Visiting hours are strictly 2-8pm. On the agenda this weekend is rugby, rugby and more rugby. Plus a bonus Grand Prix . Thank goodness for the big screen TV on the wall.

At the moment David is on the floor doing stretching exercises. Important to keep all the muscles active – the only other exercise is the tortoise paced walk around the ward with the Tripple Decker IV / Chemo unit attached.

Unfortunately the bar fridge is woefully under stocked with alcoholic beverages so I am soon going to climb into my carriage and head back to Jozi for a catch up with friends.

to be continued….

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