Checked in to Ward 20

David was checked in to Ward 20 this morning.  The room is very comfortable – about 6m x 4m with an en suit bathroom.  He has a small desk / counter top area and there’s a spare bed – for me to have an afternoon nap I suppose 😆

The doc was here when we arrived so she organised him a nice corner room that looks out onto a courtyard and golf course so he has a beautiful view.

The only downer is the size of the bath, which I would have to squash into, so all 6 feet of Dave is going to have fun!   In the pics below the first one is like a little nurses station / foyer – I was standing in the doorway to the actual room.

 He has been given pre- meds today and lots of IV fluid to hydrate him, to get ready for the first dose of chemo tomorrow.

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